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Generator Site Surveys

Site surveys are a crucial first step for any business looking to install a generator. With our years of experience, we can visit your site and find the perfect size generator for you, along with where it should be located and other details.

What’s Involved in a Site Survey?

Generators are a significant investment, both in terms of capital and their importance. Therefore, we always recommend businesses have a site survey before making any decisions.

As part of the site survey, one of our trained professionals will visit your location and look in detail to find the perfect solution for you.

A site survey considers various aspects, including:

  • Sizing – How big should the generator be to ensure a reliable service?
  • Positioning – Where should the generator be located for the most efficient installation and performance?
  • Cables and connections – What’s the best way to connect the generator to electric or gas grids and also to your facility?

There is a lot that goes into installing a generator. While some of the above might seem straightforward, a professional will ensure your final generator is as efficient, reliable and cost-effective as possible, saving you money long-term.

Why Choose Edge Technology?

We at Edge Technology have over 20 years of experience working with homes and businesses to find the perfect generator solutions. We understand how important it is that your generator is installed in a timely fashion but also professionally and to a high standard, ensuring long-term reliability.

Homes and businesses across the country rely on our expertise daily to keep their power running. From our pre-installation services like site surveys to our aftercare servicing and repairs, we’re always on hand to solve any problems you may come across.

With workshops across England, Edge Technology Power can attend your home or business anywhere in the country. If you’re interested in a site survey, why not give us a call? Alternatively, please leave us a message and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.