Everyday Uses for Generators

Generators create electrical energy that is provided in the form of voltage and current. This reliable power can be harnessed to power homes and businesses when electricity is required.

The electricity produced is based on the principle of electromagnetic inductions. Two fundamental types of generators are known as AC, alternating current, and DC, direct current.

In terms of generator styles that are available, there are portable, inverter and standby. Each generator will still require maintenance, regardless of what type it is. If you find yourself thinking ‘where can I find generator repairs near me?’, feel free to contact Edge Technology, our team of experts will be happy to help.


Generators are vital during emergencies; they help to relieve the pressure of natural disasters that can render the area powerless. Generators can help to reinstate forms of convenience as well as serve as life-saving power supplies in certain situations.
Everyday Uses for Generators

Power Outages

High-capacity standby back-up generators can maintain some sense of normality during a blackout. These help to keep fridges and freezers ticking over, as well as hot water and other commodities.

Business Standby Power

Businesses require much more consistency and reliability in terms of power. A power shortage could cost their commercial enterprises up to thousands of pounds, potentially even millions depending on the business.

To avoid these disturbances, hospitals will use generators to avoid any interruptions. A full tank of diesel for a diesel fuelled combustion engine will provide enough electricity for a hospital to continue uninterrupted for eight hours.
Everyday Uses for Generators

Outdoor Events

Weddings, festivals, fairs, parties and concerts all require a bit of extra power to maintain the electricity and excitement in the air. Everything from lights, music amps and speakers to food warmers, photo booths and bouncy castles requires power from generators. They help reduce the potential overload and strain placed on any extension cords.

Construction and Mining

Both workplace sites are isolated from available electrical supplies. Constructions sites will utilise huge diesel generators to help power machinery, water pumps, ventilation and much more.

Mining sites operational electricity averages out at about 70% dependant on generators. The electricity will help to power excavators, lights, drills and power shovels.


Again, backup power resources are required to ensure agricultural businesses and productions remain in operation. Short-term electrical outages can impede livestock and crop survival.

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Everyday Uses for Generators