LPG Vs Petrol: Which is Better?

Liquid propane gas or LPG (sometimes also referred to as Autogas) is becoming more and more popular for use in cars and other engines, this is because of its reduced cost and environmental benefits when compared to traditional petrol. These reasons are also influencing more people to opt for LPG powered generators.

When considering the benefits of LPG as an alternative fuel, many questions will arise; the main one is whether it is more advantageous to run your engine on LPG rather than petrol. Here, we set out an overview of the benefits of each to help you decide.

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The Benefits of LPG

When compared to other fuel options, LPG produces fewer emissions, making it a more environmentally-friendly option. As more people become increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and environmental impact, this factor can become majorly beneficial.

Lower running costs are also a significant advantage that many who convert to LPG benefit from. Fuel duty for LPG is at a much lower rate, meaning market price of the gas is far cheaper – protecting your wallet as well as the planet.

Some have also suggested that when LPG is used to run generators, LPG can mean that units are quieter and don’t contribute as much to noise pollution.

The Benefits of Petrol

But can opting for petrol also have its benefits?

Although LPG can be cheaper, prices can vary wildly depending on where you are buying from. Petrol prices can often offer more consistency, if this is something you are concerned about.

There is still some contention around how green LPG actually is, with some suggesting that reports of reduced emissions are not as significant as previously thought. Petrol emissions are known, so if you want to wait for more studies to be certain about the environmental impact of LPG, petrol might be preferable.

However, studies have shown that LPG burns cleaner than petrol, creating fewer particulates – another bonus for the alternative over petrol.

A slightly more niche benefit of petrol over LPG is that as petrol is more widely known and used, the locations where you can use it will not be restricted. Cars that use LPG cannot be taken through the Eurotunnel and may also be banned from other enclosed spaces like underground car parks.

LPG Vs Petrol: Which is Better?

Which is Better?

From the benefits stated here, you can see that on the whole, LPG is the more beneficial fuel option in most cases. There may be some cases where petrol is more advantageous, but many see LPG conversions as the way of the future.

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