Pramac LSW10 Yanmar Lighting Tower Generator

Transportable lighting tower kit, developed for activities and outdoor events. Hydraulic mast with easy erection and turning with redundant safety devices. 4 floodlights are connected to the generator with only a three phase socket.

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Pramac Lighting Tower Generator

Diesel: Our price only £10,343

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--- Alternator Specifications ---
Insulation H class
Mechanical degree protection IP 21
Voltage regulation Compound
Lamps and power 4 X 1000 Watts
Light Metal Halide
Ilumination capacity 340,000 Lumen
Mast Errection Hydraulic
Maximum height 9 meters
Lamp turning capacity 360°
Lamp turning Electric driven
Lamp protection IP66
Power consumption 500 watts

--- Genset Specifications ---
Total power Kva 7.9
Lighting consumption Kva 4.0
Additional power Kva 3.9
Single phase voltage 230 volts
Frequency 50 Hz
Power factor 1 Cos Ø
Tank capacity 120 litres
Autonomy 75% load PRP 57 h
Autonomy 100% load PRP 43 h
Acoustic power 86 Lwa
Acoustic pressure 7meters 61 dB(A)
Min dimentions mm (LWH) 2950 x 1400 x 2750
Max dimentions mm (LWH) 2950 x 2330 x 8600
Weight 1010 Kg

--- Diesel Engine ---
Cooling system Water
Speed 1,500 rpm
Displacement 1,116 c.c.
Cylinders 3 L
Aspiration Natural
Engine Power 9 kWm
Fuel consumption @ 75% 2.1 Litres per hour
Engine governor Compound