Petrol costs continue to rise as prices are expected to reach over £2.00 per litre or more.

With petrol prices increasing on a daily basis, surely now is time to convert your generator to LPG?

James Cook, a Scotland Correspondent for BBC News, reported on the 3rd of March 2011 about current fuel prices.


With turmoil in the Middle East forcing up the price of oil, the cost of fuel at the pump is also rising.

According to the website a litre of unleaded in Ullapool, in the north west of Scotland, currently costs 139.9p, while diesel is 146.9p - more than 10p higher than in the cities.

"It's such a shocker," said Paula Gordon, who runs the Sleepy Hollow Smokehouse with her husband Alistair.

The family firm in Aultbea, on the shores of Loch Ewe, sells smoked salmon and haddock all over Europe and just down the road.

But Mr Gordon said it now costs more to send deliveries by courier to Glasgow than it does to fly them to Italy.

And Mrs Gordon laments the fuel price pressures on every aspect of their business.

She said: "The price affects the price of our fish, the cost of getting our fish to us, the cost for Loch Duart who grow our fish for us, the price of getting fish food up to them, everything."

She warns the chancellor George Osborne that going ahead with plans to raise fuel duty in his April budget would be "crippling" for firms in rural areas.

So now really is the best time to conver your petrol engine to run on GAS as well as petrol.

Conversion of small petrol engined appliances and equipment to LP gas is becoming increasingly popular not least because of the cost savings - todays technology makes conversion relatively simple and provides many other benefits.

Kits are available for a wide range of engine manufacturers and Edge Technology are market leaders and approved suppliers of conversion kits for Honda, Kohler, Suzuki, Yamaha, Briggs & Stratton, and many others.

All kits are suitable for engines up to 25 hp and carry a twelve month warranty and are tried and tested to ensure reliability,durability and they can be self installed in less than thirty minutes. Some of the benifits of running an engine on LPG are:

• Lower running costs - LP gas is about 50% cheaper than petrol.

• Cleaner emmissions allow use in public areas.

• LP gas powered engines run quieter than there petrol equivalents.

• Lower maintenance costs with extended spark plug life.
  • Running time can be extended according to cylinder size.

• Re-fuelling - just connect a new cylinder.

• No storage problems compared with petrol.

• No reduction in performance - power outputs do not change.

Kit Description Price Fitting instructions PURCHASE
B Regulator on cylinder, fuel controller on frame or engine £159.00 download pdf - CLICK TO BUY
C Regulator and fuel controller on cylinder £159.00 download pdf suitcase pdf CLICK TO BUY
Remote Remote start engines only £240.00 download pdf   CALL US TO BUY
All prices include VAT and UK mainland Delivery

We have 3 conversion kits, comprising of a regulator, fuel controller, carburetor adaptor and all required hoses and fittings.

Kit B has the regulator fitted to the cylinder and the fuel controller on the frame of the generator.

Kit C has both the regulator and fuel controller fitted onto to the cylinder.

The Remote Start Kit is suitable for vehicle and standby electric start generators, compromising of an aditional solenoid..

Please feel free to contact us for lp gas powered options or any enquiries regarding our products or prices.

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