Honda generators explained

Honda generators come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for many different applications. Here at Edge Technology we try to enhance our customers experience of choosing the correct generator for the job at hand and we try to give you the most information that we can about our products. Please click on the videos below for details on our Honda generator products and the features that they have.
1) Honda recreational generators explained.   5) Honda EU20i generator on LPG gas explained.
2) Honda's home backup-generators explained.   6) Honda Generator Decibel Levels explained.
3) Honda's full line of generators explained.   7) Honda EU10i Decibel, power, and weight explained.
4) Honda's NEW EU30i Handi generator explained.   8) Honda suitcase Vs open frame generator explained.


Honda recreational generators explained.

Are you ready to go out and play? Honda's got your power needs covered. From the popular, portable 1000 watt model to the 6500 watt power house. Are innovative line of compact, quiet, portable generators can hook you up wherever you want to go. Honda generators are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors, out EU series of generators are exceptionally quiet.

The EU30i runs at only 49dbA at 1/4 load which is even quieter than a normal conversation. You'll never have to worry about disturbing your neighbours or interrupting your party with a noisy generator. In fact, you may not even realise it's running. All recreational honda generators feature our revolutionary inverter technology offering the cleanest, most stable form of generator power available.
  Honda EU10i Honda EU30is
  Honda EU20i Honda EU30i handi
  Honda EU26i Honda EU65is


Honda's home backup-generators explained.

You never want to be without power at home. Depend on Honda's line of home backup generators with the right features for conveniant, reliable backup power during outages and brownouts. With our wide line of EM and super quiet EU series models, Honda has the perfect solution for your home power needs. And we make selecting the right model of generator easy for you.

First consider what size of generator will best meet your power needs, of course the larger the generator, the more you'll be able to power. However many homeowners prefer a smaller unit which is more fuel efficient, portable, and quieter.

  Honda EU20i Honda EM5500s
  Honda EU30is Honda EM65is
  Honda EM4500s Honda EU65is


Honda's full line of generators explained.

Compact, fuel efficient, reliable, the full line of Honda generators provides you with power you need and the features you want. Whether it's for recreation, home backup or construction, we've gto the right model to fit your needs. From super efficient, hand portable models to powerful, durable, work horses, you'll find all the power you want plus Honda's legendary reputation for convinience and reliability.

Both our EM series (designed for home backup) and our EU series construction models feature Honda's quiet, smooth running, 4 stroke engines in extended heavy duty frames. All standard models feature multiple outlets, a fuel gauge, and 25 litre fuel tanks for longer running time.

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Honda's NEW EU30i Handi generator explained.

The portable handy 3000 watt generator. It's very quiet power for home and RV's, or anywhere you might need light weight, portable power. And like all Honda generators, it's very reliable. So whether you need 1000 or 6000 watts, you've got things well in hand.

3.5 hours running time at rated power output, and running at only 49dBA. The 35kg light weight, quiet, portable EU30is generator is ideal for powering a good number of air conditioning units with a startup power of over 2000 watts. Inverter technology, low oil shutdown, AC / DC breaker protection and large long run tank.

Click here for more on the Honda EU30i handi gen.


Honda EU20i generator on LPG gas explained.

Our LPG conversion kits are very similar to the one shown in this video. A Gerretson is mounted on the door of the generator on our Kit B option, and a button is pressed on the back to prime the system with gas.

Our conversion kits are designed to run on Propane (Orange) gas bottles in the UK, howevre we can modify some generators to run of Butane (blue) if required.

Also as shown in this video, our gas conversion kits are dual fuel and can be run on LPG or petrol. We also provide a snap connector on our Kit B's so that the generator can be disconnected from the Gas bottle if it needs to be a portable unit once again with ease.

We can also provide a Kit C option which has the garretson mounted next to the regulator on the bottle.

Click for more information on Gas conversion kits


Honda Generator Decibel Levels explained.

Welcome to the world of honda generators. When you're shopping for a portable generator one important thing you should ask is, 'How quiet is the generator?' The amount of sound the generator produces is measured in terms of db's or decibel level. Today I'd like to demonstrate some different series of Honda portable generators to give you an idea of what different db levels sound like. This way, when you're generator shopping, you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect based on the particular generators published db ratings. The device you see here is called a load bank, we're using it to simulate the generator running at its full rated load level. So, here we go...
  Honda EU30is  
  Honda EU20i  
  Honda EB3000 (Non UK) UK model=EM3100
  Honda EB2500 (Non UK) UK model=ECM2800
  Honda 5000watt (Non UK) UK model=EC5000


Honda EU10i Decibel, power, and weight explained.

The Honda EU range are some of the quietest generators that can be found on the market. Noise levels are expressed as Lwa (this is a European standard) and dB(A) - decibels - which is an English & American standard. Noise isn't measured on a linear / straight line scale - noise levels double every 3-5 dB(A)

So 73/75 dB(A) is twice as loud as 70 dB(A) or two 70 dB(A) units running together would produce between 73 and 75 dB(A)

Current standards allow employees to work in 85 dB(A) for up to eight hours. Human speach is around 54 to 56 dBA depending on how loud a person generaly talks. With this in mind it is easy to see that when a Honda generator is producing around 52 dB(A) such as the EU10i, it is comfitable to have one of these next to you while you continue to do your activities in peace.

Click here for more on the Honda EU10i generator.


Honda suitcase Vs open frame generator explained.

This video compares the noise of the Honda EU10i, 52dBA, suitcase generator, to the Honda EC2000, 74dBA, open framed generator.

It clearly shows the difference between 52dBA and 74dBA, and how that although 22 may not seem like a large number when the 'quiet' generator starts at 52, there is a world of difference between the two figures.

You can also see the huge difference in physical size between the suitcase and open frame style generators.

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honda eu30i gas Ever thought of LPG as an alternative?

• Lower running costs
• Cleaner emmissions
• Quieter than petrol equivalents
• Lower maintenance costs
• Extended running time
• Fire risk considerably reduced
• Easy re-fuelling
• No storage problems
• No reduction in performance

Click for more LPG information

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