Edge Technology Power Ltd, a recognised Honda generator authorised dealer.

You deserve the confidence that you've made the right choice, long after you've

made the purchase. That's why Honda appoint it's authorised dealers with as much care as they build into their machines.


Honda's Authorised Dealers not only feature a comprehensive display of Honda products to see and touch, but they know the product range inside-out. Every one follows an extensive Honda training programme with regular refresher courses - so you can trust in their valuable advice and experience to help you choose the product that's just right for you and your garden.


As well as offering the highest levels of after-sales service, our authorised dealers factory-trained technicians perform a full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) on every machine, and are fully equipped to keep your product in peek condition with cost-effective servicing. Of course, you can also be assured that only high quality, genuine Honda parts are used.


Our Authorised Dealers are true experts in their field, often with years of first-hand experience under their belt. In fact, their knowledge and expertise plays an important role in making sure that our Reasearch and Development team is given feedback from our customers, so we can ensure that new and improved models continue to meet your future needs too.

Remember to LOOK FOR THE LOGO when you are looking to purchase a genuine Honda Generator, or for assurance on your quality of the advice given to you for your own personal needs and requirements.

How to contact Edge Technology Power Ltd.


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