Edge Technology - Product Range

Edge Technology supplies Honda, SDMO, Pramac, Stephill and Briggs & Stratton generator sets to meet all needs and applications - our generator range has been carefully selected to be durable, reliable but are very competitively priced. For ease of reference we have arranged our generators by manufacturer, applications or the categories listed below.



Generator Brands


Honda Generators

About Honda
Upto 3kw
Over 3kw

Pramac Generators

About Pramac
Upto 3kw
Over 3kw

SDMO Generators

About SDMO
Upto 3kw
Over 3kw

B&S Generators

About B&S
Upto 3kw
Over 3kw

Stephill Generators

About Stephill
Upto 3kw
Over 3kw

Dometic Generators

About Dometic
Upto 3kw
Over 3kw


Generator Applications


Catering Trailer Generators

Motorhome Generators

Caravan Generators

Horse Box Generators

Narrowboat Generators

Suitcase Generators

Low Noise Generators

Open Frame Generators

Diesel Generators

Domestic / Light Industrial Standby Generators

Home Standby Generators

Commercial Standby


Diesel Prime Power Generators

LPG, Natural Gas Prime Power Generators