Generator noise levels

One of the important considerations when selecting a portable generator set is the noise level of the unit.

Below we have tried to simplify noise levels to help you make a choice and understand how loud the noise emmisions from our generators will be in laymans terms.

Noise levels are expressed as Lwa ( this is a European standard ) and dB(A) - decibels - which is an English and American standard - the generator specs on this site give you values in dB(A).

Noise is not measured on a linear/straight line scale - noise levels double every 3-5 dB(A)

So 73/75 dB(A) is twice as loud as 70 dB(A) or two 70 dB(A) units running together would produce between 73 and 75 dB(A)

Current standards allow employees to work in 85 dB(A) for up to eight hours.

The below table has tried to put the noise outputs of our generators in context - however it is only a general guide as noise is subjective - what one person finds acceptable will be noisy to another.

Private Office
Normal speach
Vacuum Cleaner
Inside car
at 50mph
Rotery mower
Chain Saw
 Noise Level
 in dBA

Our main company website also has videos available to watch with regards to generator noise levels explained, and many other questions answered when choosing a generator. click on the bold text to the right to watch the videos now. Generators Explained