Bio Diesel Generators

So what are the advantages to running a Bio Diesel generator?

• It is a renewable source of energy.
• It can be used as a single fuel or in a mixed percentage with used diesel.
• Exhaust emissions are reduced.
• Warehousing and transport is safer.

What types of fuels are Permitted to run Bio-diesel generators?

We recomend the use of only Rape seed oil MethyEster (RME). Experience has shown that RME exceeds the limit values of other esters.

What types of fuels are NOT Permitted to run Bio-diesel generators?

Pure plant oils such as rape seed oil, soy oil and palm oil are not classfield as bio-diesel and have problematic properties for diesel engine operation. Any modification in engines to use them leads automatically to invalidating of the engine guarantee.


Popular Observations when running generators on Bio-diesel.

The 2011 Deutz series is modified to use biodiesel under complience with the basic conditions specified below without any adaptations.

All items utalised on our generators (filters, pre-filters, pumps, pipes and hoses) are suitable for operation with bio-diesel fuel, however the use of special bio-diesel-resistant fuel hoses are recommended to avoid their replacement every 12 months.

A powerloss of 5-9% is possible due to lower heating value.

Turbocharged engines usually operated with a high load above 80% of rated output power are not allowed to use bio-diesel.

Maintenance and operation

Maintenance programs have to be reduced by half.

Standstills of longer than 4 to 6 weeks must be avoided with bio diesel. Otherwise the engine must be started and stopped with diesel fuel. Engines with a low annual running times, e.g. emergancy backup, are excluded from operation with bio diesel.

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