Edge Technology: Benefits of LP Gas.



honda eu30i gas

- Lower running costs - LP gas is about 50% cheaper than petrol.

- Cleaner emissions allow use in public areas.

- LP gas powered engines run quieter than there petrol equivalents.

- Lower maintenance costs with extended life for spark plugs and engine oil.

- Running time can be extended according to cylinder size.

- Fire risk considerably reduced with minimal chance of fuel.

- re-fueling - just connect a new cylinder.

- No storage problems compared with petrol.

- No reduction in performance - power outputs do not change.


In addition to the above the initial cost of a standard petrol generator converted to operate on LPG, it will be significantly cheaper than a diesel generator of similar output.

An excellent FAQ ( frequently asked questions) page can be found on the Calor Gas web site on:

Although it concentrates on lpg for generators it applies to all applications of lp gas - the site is also a very useful reference for lpg.

If you have any doubts or would like to know more about the advantages of converting to LP gas, then we would be delighted to answer your queries
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