We at Edge Technology are here to offer more than a dealership to our customers. More than simple box packers, we are at the forefront of design and innovation with almost anything power and generator related. Edge Technology solutions are appropriate, affordable and sensible for our customers needs.

There is no accounting for tastes in our customers requirements. Some priorotise low noise units, some prefere to specialise in small and compact designs of generators, some require electric start and some require computer controled units. Here at Edge Technology we provide solutions to try to encorporate as many of our customers requirements into one suitable package for their business or home use.

We at Edge Technology have recently witnessed a huge increasing demand for new initiatives in the generator technology. We are therefore proud to offer these new, exciting solutions for our customers.

Wireless Remote Kits:

Our wireless remote start kit for Honda generators really does open up your options for power management. Please bare in mind that the generator must be electric start and must have the battery installed for this kit to work. We only recommend professional installation by ourselves for this accessory as your generator will require some disassembly and testing. Soldering and mounting of the components is required on the frame

There are over 1 Million code combinations for the wireless remote start kit. This prevents the possibility of false triggers, or unintended starts. Upto 4 remotes can be used on one unit, allowing multiple users to own their own key fob for controlling the generator.

Key Fob

The Key fob is equipped with buttons to remote choke and crank start your generator. Outdoor range with fresh batteries is approximately 100 meters, though the range may be re

duced if radio signal must pass through walls.


-Standard wireless kit (100 meters + Key Fob) & Installation: £350 + VAT.

- Upgrade 01 wireless kit (1000 meters + Key Fob) and Installation: £POA.

- SMS Phone Texting system & Installation: £600 + VAT.

- Extra Key Fob: £45 + VAT








Green power complete Systems.

Power to your household will be given via the Wind power and solar panel collectors via a battery backup system. When the battery system is running low due to a high power demand, and the wind and sun power is not enough to charge the batteries while you drain them, the generator can kick in to provide you with the power that you need to stay on top of the power demand. With the generator only being used for peak power demands in this way, you are minimizing the amount of petrol or LPG that you are using, and maximizing the use of the natural fuel sources available to you.

Edge Technologies solution to a complete green, environmentally friendly household or business for running anything from computers to washing manchines.



AMF panels and Manual changeover panels for during powercuts.

Power cuts are almost always not expected and are a hinderance to everyday life. Not only with the inconvenience of no TV or computer, but also inconveniences such as food defrosting in freezers or any food going to waste around the house, a solution is definately needed. Edge Technologies solution is an automatic mains falior or a manual changeover switch.

An Automatic Mains Failure panel is wired into your house or business mains. This panel constantly monitors the mains power that is feeding into the house or business and when it detects that there is a lack in power it sends a signal to the generator. The generator has a panel mounted onto it (roughly 4" square and flat to the side) and this detects the signal from the AMF panel to start. The generator starts up when it receives this signal and feeds the power to the household or business. While this is in motion, the AMF panel continues to monitor the power from the mains electricity and when it detects that there is power back again, it sends a signal to the generator to stop and flicks back over to receiving power from the mains grid once again.

A Manual changeover switch is simply a panel that allows a user to manually change from receiving power from the mains electricity or from a generator. This panel then feeds the household or business with power as selected and is a solution to being restricted to having long extension cables trailing from a generator throughout the house each time the power fails.