Generators and their producers have been around for generations. However, as technology continues to develop, new companies enter the scene, pushing the sector towards more efficient power production.

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Throughout our time, we’ve worked with various generator manufacturers. Here, we highlight some of the biggest and most reputable names in the industry.


Doosan is undeniably one of the go-to names for generators. The South Korean conglomerate also owns Skoda and are mostly known for their highly-efficient diesel generators which form the heart of their systems.


MTU is a german engine manufacturer that predominantly works with aircraft. However, their expertise has also helped produce some incredibly reliable gensets. In fact, they recently worked with Rolls Royce to provide diesel generators for the UK Ministry of Defence.


As with many companies in the generator world, UK-based Perkins makes its name predominantly through providing engines for generator sets. Nowadays a subsidiary of US giant Caterpillar, they are quite common when it comes to industrial generators.

The Best Generator Brands to Look For


One of the most prominent brands in this list thanks to their vehicles, it’s no surprise Honda is a go-to when it comes to personal generators. Specialising in small generators for home use, they are very popular and have a good track record for reliability.

F.G. Wilson

Another company since acquired by Caterpillar, F.G. Wilson are based in Northern Ireland. Unlike other companies in this list, however, F.G. Wilson specialises in power production, with a wide range of generator sets.


Pramac is one of the largest power companies in Europe, with its origins in Italy. They have a vast range of power equipment, including portable and industrial generators which have a good reputation.

The Best Generator Brands to Look For


A US-based company, Generac is another company that specialises in generator production for both homes and businesses. As a result, their products are quite common.

Kohler SDMO

Arguably the biggest name when it comes to industrial generators in Europe. Based in France, the company known just as SDMO before the Kohler merger is one of the biggest manufacturers of gensets worldwide.


Another company perhaps more famous for their cars, Scania uses its know-how of diesel engines to provide a range of generators. You will often find Scania engines as part of a different brand’s generators.

The Best Generator Brands to Look For


Based in Japan, Yanmar predominantly produces diesel engines. As a result, their product range is extensive, stretching from agriculture and construction machinery to generators, air conditioning and other systems.

John Deere

An American company that is more known for its involvement in the farming and agriculture industries. However, John Deere also produces a small range of generators. While they do offer industrial solutions, their portable home generators are more common.


With a range of popular portable generators, Loncin is a Chinese company that specialises in small engines for motorcycles and other purposes. The company is seen as a cost-effective choice for people seeking something as a backup for their home.

The Best Generator Brands to Look For

Caterpillar (Cat)

Caterpillar is one of the biggest companies in the world of construction, providing a range of solutions through themselves and various subsidiaries (as covered in this article). As part of their solution, they offer a range of power products, from gensets to engines and industrial power units.


Another part of the Caterpillar conglomerate, MWM is a company with over 100 years of history creating generators. Working in the industrial sector, they produce a wide range of solutions, from gensets all the way to cogeneration power plants.


Part of the Volkswagon Group, MAN Energy Solutions is an international company based in Germany. The company is most known for producing industrial backup generators, particularly for nuclear power stations.

The Best Generator Brands to Look For


Stephill Generators are a popular choice in the UK market. Established in 1985, they have a wide range of generators available, often powered by engines built by other manufacturers in this list. Stephill is most known for its range of portable generators, but they also supply larger models.


Another UK-based company, Watermota mainly supply engine and propulsion equipment for the marine industry. While they usually sell generator engines by Doosan, they also make generator sets.

We hope this blog highlights the breadth of options when it comes to your generator. We could have written this blog twice over with the companies that we’ve not highlighted!

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